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RSS feed is up

Contributed by dhartmei on from the rss-newsfeed dept.

The RSS feed is now up, please use the link

which dynamically generates the text/xml output for the five most recent articles. I'm just learning about RSS, so tell me if this is not optimal.

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  1. By Benjamin Schweizer ( gopher at thinknerd dot org on

    It is good to see that (un)deadly returns into normal business. has linked to you feed.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Maybe the descriptions should be shortened to the first 1-2 lines ? and do it like that. I guess digging through all the sites listed on or should demonstrate how everybody else does it. One advantage of short descriptions is, that there are toy-like desktop applications that read RSS feeds and display the news in their display area. But I have no idea how intellegent these tools are, how much they shorten descriptions, or if they only display titles.

    1. By Benjamin Schweizer ( gopher at thinknerd dot org on

      Hmm, I like the "full distribution". I think that most sites strip down the message, so that the readers must visit their site to read the whole article. Is short version, you've imho the headline.

      1. By JR ( on

        Some sites have both options --short and full feed--.
        short - for quick check.
        long - for those reading the site by the RSS

        I would like to see the timestamp of the posting, not the timestamp of getting the RSS in the feed.
        Does RSS 0.92 support that?

  3. By Simon ( on

    I was just wondering, are you suppose to use html tags in RSS feeds? Wouldn't it be better to strip them out, instead of having peoples client do it, which not all clients know how to do, because they don't expect it.

    Just a thought, and it would make the output from clients like JabRSS look pretty.

  4. By cruz ( on

    It's ok. New rss feed has been linked on our news site.

  5. By dmp ( on

    Great job on this site!!! I added undeadly to AmphetaDesk and the rss feed works nicely. Thanks Daniel.

  6. By os ( on

    Submitted at


  7. By jose ( --@-- on

    it doesn't validate:
    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Line Number 23, Column 64:      Documenting security issues in the
    OpenBSD Ports & Packages Collection
    you'll want to escape that character *or* place a [CDATA[ ...]] block around the data in the <title /> tag. see the feed validator for more.

    1. By Daniel Hartmeier (2001:470:1f00:250:1::1) on

      Missing HTML escaping, thanks for the note. Fixed now, it also sets HTTP Last-Modified: to the newest article's time, and it uses 0.92 now with category tags.

      1. By Chris Wage ( on

        Still doesn't validate for me:

        line 118, column 0: This feed contains conflicting DOCTYPE and version information [help]

        1. By Daniel Hartmeier ( on

          There seems to be no correct <!DOCTYPE> for RSS 0.92 that I can find, but omitting it seems to do the trick.

  8. By John Benninghoff ( on

    Any chance of supporting RSS 2.0 (or the competing RSS 1.0)? Although, since you're using 0.92, it would probably make more sense to upgrade to 2.0...

    It would be nice to have timestamps in the RSS feed.


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