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kissd - server for KiSS DP-500 network movie player

Contributed by jose on from the neat-stuff dept.

And yet again, Daniel Hartmeier is doing neat things with OpenBSD. Does this guy ever sleep? This time he's build a tool you can use to serve movies to the KiSS DP-500 device using your OpenBSD box:

"The KiSS DP-500 is a nice hackable DVD player which can play movies and music over TCP/IP using an ethernet interface."

His toolkit is here:

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  1. By Bas Keur () on

    But hey, where are beds for, thats right.. to stuff shit under. Great job !

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I totaly want one of these now! All the good things it does and supports, plus now Dan's kissd, SWEET!

      Anyone know what one of these cost about for those of us in US/Canada?

  2. By JKM () on

    Check out the DP-558:

    I was going to build my own box but i'll buy this one instead. It will be released in Europe in May (start mfct in April). Probably wont have tv-guides etc as the Tivo but we cant get those in Sween anyway. The links from Daniels site has some nice hacks including implementing an ftp server on the box to get recorded tv out.

  3. By Joe () on

    Apparently, KiSS seems to be stealing code from the mplayer project (which is licensed under GPL).



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