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carp(4) now has support from pfsync

Contributed by jose on from the multiple-firewalls dept.

Christian Gut writes: "Its now possible to use carp with preempt without having the master killing all connections when comming back up again:

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 10:22:25 +0000
From: Ryan McBride
Subject: pfsync bulk transfer

Another major piece of the firewall failover puzzle has been added:

Log message:
Support for best effort bulk transfers of states when pfsync syncif is configured. This this allows pfsync+carp clusters uo come up gracefully without killing active connections. pfsync now prevents carp from preempting to become master until the state table has sync'd.

The manpage of carp(4) now gives a great example."

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  1. By michiel () on

    This is wonderfull :)
    Keep up the great work and a BIG thank you!


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