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PXE network boot added to -current

Contributed by jose on from the booting-without-media dept.

MotleyFool writes: "network boot via PXE was added on March 19 check it out by downloading it from the snapshot area. I'd recommend reading the man page for it also.
and the pxeboot manpage "

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  1. By Eric () on

    The next great step would be if there could be some configuration engine like kickstart that is developed. Yes, yes- I know, I can roll my own if I wanted to.

    1. By MotleyFool () on

      Geez, can people get ANY more needy? If you don't want to roll your own then fund someone to do it. I know I've contributed ~ US$1k of my own money to the project.

    2. By marco () on

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        that link should be removed as it is way too outdated for cur. OpenBSD...

    3. By philipp () pb@ on mailto:pb@


      go to /usr/src/distrib/miniroot
      and "fix" the to your needs and
      rebuild floppyXX.fs


  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I have a diskless openbsd sparcstation which I use as a router/firewall. Because it has multiple network interfaces, it asks me what the nfs root device is every time I boot.

    Is there a way to configure the kernel so it knows that the root device is hme0? Or do I have to hack the source? I've done alot of reading of man pages and googling, but I haven't found the solution so far...

    I know this isn't a support forum, but I presume this question would apply to i386 as well, so I'm on topic at least.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      You can't choose on i386. It just chooses the first one. If it doesn't work, it panics.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I gave this a spin last night, and it works a charm :-)

    1. By Eduardo Alvarenga () eduardo at thrx dot org on mailto:eduardo at thrx dot org

      I've tryied making a Etherboot floppy disk to boot straight into PXE but Etherboot does not support PXE so well. Anyone knows any project that provides a stable PXE environment for non-PXE NICs?


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