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OpenBSD Newbies Mailing list added to MARC

Contributed by jose on from the help-for-people dept.

Peter Hessler writes: "The infamous OpenBSD-Newbies mailing list has been added to the MARC archives. You can browse all the way back to April 2003 from this interface. If you want to subscribe, send an email to openbsd - newbies - subscribe (at) sfobug . org

Note: This is not an official OpenBSD list, and is not intended to be presented as such. This list is ran by the San Francisco OpenBSD Users Group."

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  1. By SH () on

    It's nice that you host the OpenBSD newbie mailinglist, but I hope you still have some time over for :-)


    1. By Peter Hessler () on

      I've been really busy lately. My new boss wrote up a schedule, and if we work 10.5 hour days, it will take us ~34 days to finish all of the projects we need for IT to be "done". I found out on Tuesday, that I was flying to Chicago on Wensday morning.

      But yea, I float around on there, and I answer questions where I can (or care enough to read the post).


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