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The Lincoln Community Wireless Network

Contributed by jose on from the community-projects dept.

Jim Phillips, who is the man who really runs Deadly, has been involved in a community wireless project in Licoln, NE, for some time now. They've put together community access via wireless using, among other things, OpenBSD. You can see their work on their website at which includes some of their technical details.

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  1. By Josh () on

    we are putting together a wireless project as well, and openbsd is going ot be playing a big role.

    Right now we have two towers, and are working on acquiring a third one in the middle of the city...I will post some more details once the weather here clears up (go away snow!) and we can get to the towers so adjust equipment, etc.

    the website is:

    1. By Juanjo () on

      So the use of *BSD systems would be limited if you use such protocol to interconect several APs.

      Without WDS, interconecting APs is a expensive task (you need two WLAN cards and probably two antenna for each AP).

      It's a pitty only Linux with the driver HostAP supports that for 802.11b :(

  2. By Dameon () on

    I think it would be interesting to hear about what was involved in starting this project up. I for one would be interested, but didn't find much on the site.

    I just wish I lived 30 miles west and could join this project.


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