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Call for testing packages

Contributed by jose on from the catch-the-bugs-now dept.

Release time is approaching, and it's time to start finding bugs that crept in during this development cycle. Specifically in the packages sets, where Marc Espie has posted a request for package testers:

As usual, we are mostly interested in PACKAGES tests. Reports of stuff not building from source is, of course, always welcome, but we first want to ensure that people can use the provided packages. Keep in mind that not everyone has a brand new PIV 2GHz processor, and that pre-built binaries are VERY welcome for e.g., sparc users, PII users, and other slow machines.

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  1. By Isak Lyberth () on

    Or when adding kdeartwork-3.2.0 i get the message that gle-3.0.4 is missing. also kdegraphics-3.2.0.tgz is missing

    1. By Marc Espie () on

      Good catch. The kdeartwork issue is one of those things we usually find very late in the game. Specifically, kdeartwork depends on xscreensaver, and the default xscreensaver flavor wants gle, whose status is unclear, so the licence prevents it from getting to the ftp site.

      I've tweaked kdeartwork to accept any xscreensaver, and to grab the no_gle flavor by default, thanks !

      As for kdegraphics, it will probably(hopefully) be in the next package snapshot.

      Please report this through email next time, I don't read deadly that often.

      AND tell which arch you're referring to as well, thanks!

  2. By dabeej () on

    Mozilla-Thunderbird has missing icons everywhere. It's usable if you use the menu's. But i'm sure we don't want it on the cd now do we? =)

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Can one of you wizards please figure out what it would take to get the latest net-snmp to build?!


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