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GCC3 now used for Sparc64

Contributed by jose on from the big-changes dept.

Sparc64 people on -current now use the GCC 3 compiler instead of the GCC 2.95 compiler. As noted by Theo:

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 20:04:19 -0700 (MST)
From: Theo de Raadt <>
Subject: CVS: src

CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2004/02/20 20:04:19

Modified files:
        share/mk       : 

Log message:
move sparc64 to gcc3. to move up please install a snapshot (or, install
this, build the right gcc, do a make build and pray)

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  1. By Peter Hessler () on

    First thing I did was I backed up my important files. Then I deleted all of my ports. Follow the instructions to build gcc3, and install new kernel, reboot, build world, reboot, then install my ports again.

    PITA. I'm going to upgrade via snapshot next time.

    1. By Steven () on

      I think I'll upgrade via snapshot on mine. I orginally would have built from source, but after checking out the upgrade-minifaq, I decided against it. It's still running 3.1 so I dare not try to build all of that.

    2. By Marc Espie () on

      You tell me.

      However, it is much easier now than it was when I did the actual import and relevant bug-fixing...


  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    does this (gcc3) bode well for pa 2.0 support?

  3. By Dheeraj () on

    Is the move to gcc3 on i386 scheduled for this release ?

    1. By Marc Espie () on

      Nope, i386 won't move to gcc3 this release.

      1. By van Rijn () on

        Ok and WHY?

        Is the code not compatible?
        That disapoint me couse I think nobody told us exactly why the i386-port will use the old gcc.

        1. By Marc Espie () on

          Because it's not been tested enough yet, for one thing.

          sparc64 is a good candidate. The support of
          sparc64 in gcc 2.95 is not good at all.
          If you follow cvs commits, there has been a hefty number of changes to *remove* sparc64 work-arounds in the ports tree after gcc3 got committed.

          On the other hand, i386 is fairly stable with gcc 2.95. gcc 3.3.2 is a lot slower than gcc 2.95. So, the benefits aren't that great.

          Going to gcc 3.3.2 can't hurt sparc64 much. It's a win on almost all accounts. And it gives us a chance to see more real-life testing of gcc 3.3.2, before we move other platforms.

          Also note that a few applications will need updates AND debug before they run with gcc3.
          The whole mozilla family currently doesn't run on OpenBSD i386 when compiled with gcc3.


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