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PINE 4.58 mega-patch

Contributed by jose on from the better-mail-clients dept.

Samuel "Wolf on Air" Ljungkvist writes: "Since I've spent about four hours working on this, I thought I may as well share if anyone is interested.

This: a humongous patch compilation for PINE 4.58 suitable to drop straight into /usr/ports/mail/pine/patches.

It includes most patches from - fancy, fillpara, incoming, outgoing, rules, searchheader, recent, aggroles, composeurl, newmessages, reply, status, and insertpat, in addition to all the bugfixes. It also includes the (awesome) UTF8 patch from

There's also some personal hacks in there, like nuking the phone-home misfeature, fixing spell checking, et cetera.

The point is that the referenced patches collide as distributed. This is a recursive unified diff of the meticulously manually-patched tree and a pristine 4.58.

No guarantees are made that any of this works, will build on 3.4 (it does on 3.2...), is in compliance with licenses (IANAL), or anything at all. But if it saves you four hours, then great :)

As a bonus: ...will reduce the drivers included to just imap, nntp, pop3, unix, mbx and phile."

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