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Solutions Linux 2004

Contributed by jose on from the things-to-do-in-Paris dept.

Saad Kadhi writes: "Solutions Linux 2004 (also known as Linux Expo Paris) has been a success. There were far more visitors in this edition than in the old ones.

There was an OpenBSD/OpenSSH booth. Wim Vandeputte, Miod Vallat, Matthieu Herrb, Marc Espie, and Bruno Rohee were present.

The pictures are available: (comments in French)"

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  1. By Wim () on

    all the help we got from Saad who slaved for as the whole 3 days!

    In case people are wondering, our next event is FOSDEM in Brussels in the weekend of 21/22 Feb

    Henning is giving a talk too...

    Feel free to drop by and give Saad a helping hand ;-)

    1. By Wim () on

      Duh, when I wrote "slaved for as" I did not mean "slaved like an ass" but "slaved for US".

      I should get some food....

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        LOL! Got me a little worried there... ;-)

      2. By Anonymous Coward () on

        And here I was, reading is as "slaved for ass" :p

    2. By Josh () on

      Why is it everytime I see a picture of Wim, I also see a picture of an exceptionally good looking lady?


      I believe that in the spirit of open source and the BSD License you should reveal your secrets and perhaps write us an official "OpenBSD Users Guide to the Opposite Sex" FAQ, because apparently you know something that I/we don't.

      1. By Wim () on


        I wish I could take all the credit, but it's far more complex. ;-)

        There is always a lot of ambiance and fun around our booth, mostly due to our very enthousiastic crowd. Our evangelism just goes further than showing off OpenBSD....

        Besides, why not trust the authentic reviews ? ;)

      2. By Kim () on

        That is the best suggestion I have ever heard!

        Also, I think I am in love:

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          she's wearing a redhat hat. (Maybe she didn't realize.)

          much better

          french girl is one thing, but an openbsd french girl is beyond my wildest dreams.

          i recently ran into an old girl friend (who I installed 2.5 on her box) .... now has an MSCE and the 2.5 box is under junk in her garage. We reminisced about her discovering :wq!. I figured there was no hope left ...

          ... seeing this bsd girl brings back my hope.

          1. By Wim () on

            I think she is quite in touch with what she is wearing on her head (taking in account her IT background). Actually it's my fault she had to resort to second class headwear as I forgot to bring the OpenBSD caps... I'm sure we can come up with a picture that corrects this unfortunate situation.

            1. By Anonymous Coward () on

              "... as I forgot to bring the OpenBSD caps..."

              speaking of which ... is there a picture of one of those rare species somewhere on the net?

              1. By Freedom for SM4 () on

                "speaking of which ... is there a picture of one of those rare species somewhere on the net?"

                To which rare species are you referring??
                The Hat? or the bit of totty wearing the hat?

                1. By Anonymous Coward () on

                  the hat ... of course ;-)

                  well, for pics of that other species ... we both know where to find those, don't we ? ;-)

              2. By Wim () on

                I can probably come up with a picture, but keep in mind these caps (black or blue with the embroided blowfish) are only available at conferences and not the regular ordering sites (got to do something to lure you out of the office into booth slavery!)

                1. By Anonymous Coward () on

                  well, what a pity if you forgot those at some conference then ... ;-)

                  i am sure those caps would be bought by some
                  folks, especially people like me who don't like wearing too colorful t-shirts. Is there no chance to order them online?

                  That would be a shame ...

                  1. By Wim () on

                    Nah nah, maybe later, once I have dealt with some open issues, angry customers and open invoices, upgraded machines to 3.5 and had a good night sleep, I'll see what can be done to change the ordering site.

                    1. By Miod () on

                      Do you think that he'll understand you meant "never" but had to disguise it through "had a good night sleep"?

          2. By shef () on

            hmmm... nice comment, but I like this nice girl

            OpenSSH and with OpenBSD.... aaahhh :) Maybe in future I visit one of summits/forums, then a been in EU.

            The Russian German from Russia

      3. By naoko () on

        I'm very glad and proud to be a subject of a OpenBSB thread.
        I hope to get acquainted with more of you next time.
        thanx for the compliments that i read :)

      4. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Wim will have to finish the "man aftermarriage" first before he starts on that guide ;)

        1. By Wim () on

          And I was under the impression that the object 'man' just dissapeared "aftermarriage", so the combination "man aftermarriabe" would result in:

          ksh: man: not found


          1. By Anonymous Coward () on

            hmm... typomaster


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