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Eggdrop TCL script that shows headlines from Deadly

Contributed by jose on from the news-gathering dept.

Bert Jan writes: "This script shows the latetest headlines from on irc through your eggdrop bot.


If you have questions/remarks feel free to e-mail bertjan AT unix247 DOT com"

Someone should use this to extend it to other mediums, like IM and silc.

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  1. By mm () on

    the mozbot project from
    can do arbitrary rss feeds

  2. By ryan briones () on

    i would like to say there are a lot, but i know specifically of a few irc bots that support reading RSS feeds, including the perl infobot. i used to have one set up to get deadly feeds.

  3. By Han () on

    I am running it on my bot now. Works fine. :)

    Made in Groningen. :)

  4. By Chris Humphries () on

    I like deadly, but the new postings of headlines is one a day or less. Seems having something that kept track of headlines would be most useful for rapid changing headlines, like slashdot or infosecdaily speed.

    Yet I suppose there is nothing wrong with writing it now to be able to use in the future when this site gets more popular.


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