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Contributed by jose on from the automated-updates dept.

Robert Nagy writes: "I feel that for the current end-user, support of OpenBSD's ports tree is poor. So I've started to work on a portal that aims to give more support to users. Discussion forums, blogs, stories, cvs commit messages are available, and I hope more people will join this project to improve the community. Feel free to write me an e-mail if you want to help in something. And of course feel free to comment this. I am waiting for your mails.

Best regards."

The URL for the site is

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    1. By Kint () on

      > The URL for the site is

      Not enough coffee yet?

      1. By jose () on

        no, he's right. i modified the story after he pointed it out. oops on me, not on the first reply.

        thanks for noticing, by the way.

        i should post only after coffee.

        1. By michiel () on

          Thnx Jose.
          For a moment I thought I went insane.
          More coffee for me please ;)

  2. By Matt Van Mater () on

    What I'd like to see more of is cooperation with the already existing ports in free/net bsd. From what I've seen freebsd does a much better job at keeping the ports updated than their openbsd counterpart. I know that there have been design changes between the distros, and that there will be plenty of ports that won't make the transition because of licensing issues and other incompatibilities.

    Maybe we could make some sort of automagical script that converts the freebsd style port to an openbsd port, and just dies ellegantly if it can't for some reason (incompatible dependencies or build options and the like). I know this wouldn't be easy to do and I should put up or shut up, but it just seems such a waste to not take advantage of all the work that has been done. I think the extended cooperation could free up people's time for crating new ports or interesting projects. Less duplication of nearly idential efforts is a good thing IMHO.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      [...] Maybe we could make some sort of automagical script that converts the freebsd style port to an openbsd port, and just dies ellegantly if it can't for some reason [...]

      I have an equivalent for you:


      1. By Matt () on

        Yeah I know, but it sure would be nice to work together. I was just putting in a best case scenario there.

    2. By Ian McWilliam () i dot mcwilliam at uws dot edu dot au on mailto:i dot mcwilliam at uws dot edu dot au

      If you have ever studied the history of the OpenBSD ports tree or were around in it's inception, you'd know that this was a goal in the beginning. The problem was OpenBSD != freebsd and it bacame too difficult to maintain ports that both worked on both OSes as patching became a nightmare. It was abandoned for what we have now. There was another project working on a ports tree for all bsd based oses but I didn't follow it. Anybody have an idea what happen to that one?

      1. By grey () on

        Not sure what happened to it, but you're thinking of I believe. There was an old deadly post related to it here:

      2. By Anonymous Coward () on

        I guess pkgsrc ( aims to support a lot of platforms but is there really need for cross polination (?) with other bsds since each has its own ports tree. The Ports portal added cvs, looks like a good way to add new ports.

    3. By ben () on

      This is not a dream:

      NetBSD's pkgsrc (a huge collection of ports !) are portables, not only to other BSDs, but also to linux, solaris, Mac OS X ...

      1. By Brad () brad at comstyle dot com on mailto:brad at comstyle dot com

        pkgsrc, not ports. and pkgsrc is not as good as OpenBSD's ports/packages in a number of ways.

        1. By Matt () on

          I hate to open some sort of flame war, but how is the obsd ports collection better than pkgsrc? does pkgsrc not handle dependencies or something?

          1. By ben () on

            Pkgsrc handles depencies.
            They're some differences some in favor to OpenBSD's ports, some for NetBSD's pkgsrc.
            An incomplete list of objectives differences i've encountered:

            - (most of) OpenBSD ports can be compiled within systrace policies. A good security point.
            - OpenBSD ports has a 'make package' target that won't install the port.
            - NetBSD pkgsrc maintains backward compatibility for older Netb versions.
            - NetBSD pkgsrc are *much* more numerous than OpenBSD ports
            - NetBSD pkgsrc are portables, even on OpenBSD (that's why I talked about them).

            And probably much more difference.

            Of course, the ideal would be a merge, but ...

  3. By Patrick Myers () on

    Where is pkg_update? It's kludgy to work around not having it.


    1. By sam () on

      It would be more kludgy to work around something that didn't work correctly

  4. By yada () on

    This looks like another way for spammers to get extra addresses, in the cvs messages page, the commiters mails appear. *shrug*

  5. By mirabile () on

    Let me renew my acknowledgement, that MirPorts,
    part of the MirOS Project and derived from the
    OpenBSD ports tree, will happily host ports
    removed from or not included with the OpenBSD
    ports tree, as long as they are actively main-
    tained and run well under at least one of
    - the latest OpenBSD stable release
    - the latest MirOS BSD stable release
    - MirOS BSD -current

    Support for OpenBSD-current is optional,
    but not difficult.

    For example, I've made a djbdns port which supports
    IPv6, IgnoreIP (the verisign *.com. counter-measure),
    and alternative roots. I don't have a qmail port
    (because I'm a sendmail fan), but wouldn't object
    against one.

    If you're interested, please do not contact me,
    but the mailing list
    (IPv6 deliveries preferred).

    1. By mirabile () on

      Hm, damned ancient slashcode.

      Please contact the mailing list: <>

    2. By Martin Reindl () wildweasel@ on

      Can you read? This is OpenBSD journal not your personal webpage to spam around with your shit. Go spam somewhere else.

      1. By mirabile () on

        If you have complaints about specific postings,
        please contact the site owner.
        As long as he does not remove specific postings
        or asks me to not post any more, this is an open

        You guys are just afraid we could take the users
        from you. Especially now, that WineX works.

        1. By Martin Reindl () on

          Bwhaha, that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard from you. Congrats, you surprise me every day.

          There is a thing commonly known as "respect" in this world. You take other people's code, claim it is yours, misuse their names and don't pay any attention what people tell you and behave like an asshole to the people whose code YOU are using.
          I said it before and i say it again: grow up.

          enough said.

          1. By mirabile () on

            I've exactly not done this.
            I left the names in _because_ I wanted to credit
            them. I never claimed I wrote these ports myself.

            As for "grow up", I can't resist but have to add,
            ignoring Godwin for one: that is the right person
            telling me. I remember you calling me Nazi.

            1. By Martin Reindl () on

              yea. sure. bye.

        2. By Damien () on

          You guys are just afraid we could take the users
          from you. Especially now, that WineX works.


    3. By Damien () on

      Thorsten don't you think that you have better to do than using deadly as an advertisement media ?
      For example you could remove definitely the mail adresses that are used in your cvs ports tree without the consent of their owner. And btw you could ensure that this will not happen anymore.


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