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HP Utilizes OpenSSH for Insight Manager

Contributed by jose on from the windows-networking dept.

Flynn writes: "For those of us lucky enough to work in the land of Windows servers, I recently stumbled across an HP implementation of OpenSSH for use with their Insight Manager software. "

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  1. By matt ostiguy () on

    Nothing like the joys of java.

    I installed the whole package on a p3-500mhz. I jacked it up to 512MB ram. The thing is still completely unusable - I open the page in IE, can sign in, and wait forever.

    Anyhow, the ssh stuff is for unix boxen management. Is openssh standard on HPUX?

    1. By Ben Lindstrom () on

      Last I checked (a year or so ago) HP/UX shipped with SSH Corp version. And HP company denied shipping any SSH client/server with their product.

    2. By colin () on

      Have not touched a HP-UX box in years so I don't now about that but at work we got some new HP 5300 Procurve switches and they come with OpenSSH. Can't say that for Cisco...



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