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FTP access in PF: ftpsesame

Contributed by jose on from the additional-software. dept.

From the PF mailing list, a new software project announcement:
ftpsesame helps the FTP protocol get through your pf firewall without having to open up whole ranges of ports. It works for FTP clients and FTP servers, and you do not have to redirect any traffic.
This may undermine some of your PF rules, so you should examine it closely. Also, we already have ftp-proxy in the base system. You can download this software here: .

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Can't this be abused by a malicious server/client to open up arbitrary ports in the firewall? Or is care being taken that this can't happen?

    1. By Guillaume () on

      Don't think so. ftpsesame looks first in the state tables of pf. If no opened state for ftp (on port 20 CMD), it doesn't let data port to be used.

  2. By dengue () on

    root@lincoln0:/root/work/ftpsesame-0.7> uname -a OpenBSD 3.4 LINCOLN0#1 sparc
    root@lincoln0:/root/work/ftpsesame-0.7> make
    cc -O2 -pipe -I. -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wno-uninitialized -c filter.c
    filter.c: In function `filter_init':
    filter.c:53: sizeof applied to an incomplete type

  3. By Sean () on

    Check out:

    I have no clue why it never made it into ftp-proxy but I've used it succesfully and under high loads on both i386 and SPARC.

    1. By db () on

      yeah but i guess to get it work with latest ftp-proxy you have to fix some fix and lineerrors but then i works perfectly.

  4. By tom hensel () on

    a new version has appeared, no changelog so far.

    1. By Loop () on

      Posted to the pf-list on 9th Jan (according to

      Hmm, yes, it turns out that atomic commits were added after 3.4.

      Please try this one:

      Other changes:
      - check that pf is enabled
      - use BIOCIMMEDIATE on bpf descriptor
      - stricter matching of server replies
      - more notes in manpage SECURITY section


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