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OpenSSH Wins Members Choice Award

Contributed by jose on from the everyone's-favorite dept. has an annual reader's survey in which they identify what the community feels are the best applications and developments of the year. This year, OpenSSH won the award for Cryptography App of the Year . OpenSSH is the backbone of so many things now, providing a simple and robust transport layer. No wonder it's so popular!

To the development team, way to go.

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    1. By Bruce () on

      Which means what exactly - they've written something better?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Considering what's about to hit the fan, they may have decided this a little too early.

    1. By mm () on

      so tell us brian, what IS going to hit
      the fan?

      Since you're still running an OpenSSH daemon,
      it must be patched, i presume you've mailed
      the patches to the developers.

      Thanks :)


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