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Linux User Magazine put OpenBSD on Cover Disc

Contributed by jose on from the wide-exposure dept.

Willb writes: "I was at Mr. Paperback here in Maine, USA, and saw that OpenBSD 3.4 was the cover disc for Linux User and Developer Magazine."

A full install? Neat way to get exposure.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Doesn't Theo have the copyright for the ISO? Did they include the official images, or something that's rebundled?

    1. By Dunceor () on

      It's pretty weird, as fast as somebody makes a CD out of it there is somebody there askin if Theo owns the copyright of the ISO.
      Yes he does but only the exact layout of the ISO, it's not illegal to make your own.

      I think this is great exposure for OpenBSD (don't know how big that magazine is since I'm != US but I guess it's pretty big) and exposure is always good.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      It's not the official cd.

      From their forum it appears something is wrong with the cd, ie. it doesn't boot... So it can't be the official one :)

      1. By FRED () on

        I also was unable to boot the cd but I just
        thought it might be a hardware conflict. I d/l
        floppyC34.fs, booted with that, partitioned the
        drive and installed the sets from the cd.This is
        on a toshiba laptop.

  2. By CFrankBernard () on

    The website is blank. The source is:

    The Google cache:

    1. By Steve () on

      Appears their dns is fucked up, seems to work

  3. By Cletus H Baird III () on

    I am one of the lucky ones to get a copy of this OS for free with my favorite monthly magazine.

    I have not used Unix in 30 yrs.Remember AIX before DOS?

    I recently migrated from Windows to Linux and have both Windows XP and Mandrake 9.2 on my old Pentium II. Other weeks I might exchange the Mandrake for Red Hat 9.0.

    The only problem I have with the Linux User info was that it was too short for a newbie like me.

    I do not yet understand the drive set-up for BSD or how to Swap it for my Windows or Linux Partition.

    Any help from BSD land would be great!

    1. By Andy () on

      There's a nice book, Absolute OpenBSD, which will help you use your new favorite OS.

    2. By JKM () on

      check out the FAQ:

  4. By Anon () on

    Just picked up a copy of the Mag and the OpenBSD CD does indeed boot, on both a Dell GX1 and on several more modern Dell's that I've tried it on. This might be a good way to get others to try it out who otherwise might be put off by ftp installing or trying to make their own CD.


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