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Courier-IMAP on OpenBSD Guide

Contributed by jose on from the email-server dept.

Daniel Tams writes: "I have just published my guide on setting up an IMAP email server with OpenBSD and Courier-IMAP. It can be found at . I hope it will be of use to some people. Please contact me for any corrections, suggestions and comments."

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  1. By Bert Jan () on

    this howto uses Courier-IMAP, Postfix and MySQL.

    It shows how a virtual mailserver can be configured.

    1. By janus () janus X errornet X de on

      That's no good example.
      No word about OpenBSD (of course we should use the ports) and its based on MySQL which makes the server as stable/reliable as... dunno... isn't stable, has no referencial integrity etc etc.
      I strongly recommend LDAP or PostgreSQL as backend for a reliable (virtual) mail server.
      I'm currently using qmail with the qmail-ldap patch (documentation nearly finished) and testing a setup with Postfix/PgSQL (i need to enforce TLS on several domains for our customers), documentation will follow too.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Hmmm....seems like a fairly clear how-to to me though things could be done differently and your points are well taken.

        Wiestse seems to like the high5 how-to though, perhaps after you document your system you could submit it to Wietse and he could post yours as well.

      2. By petruha () petruha[at]inbox[dot]lv on mailto:petruha[at]inbox[dot]lv

        i doubt that you will ever want to use qmail again after reading this:

        1. By Daniel Tams () on

          I read a bit of the web page, tried both security exploits against my qmail 1.03 installation. The first exploit lasted for about 2 seconds and only managed to get qmail-smtpd up to 0.88% CPU usage on my 100MHz Pentium. The second exploit lasted several seconds, managed to get qmail-smtpd up to 43% CPU usage and then died off. qmail-smtpd is still running, as if nothing had happened.

          So it seems at least some of the arguments given on the page are obsolete. Really they should all be checked in order to see how many of them are still valid. So far however, it hardly changes my mind about qmail.

          1. By Daniel Tams () on

            Sorry, just realised that both exploits apply to qmail installations that don't use softlimit. I of course do use softlimit, as advised in the guide I used.

  2. By os () on

    Doesnt look like your setup uses Postgreen and LDAP,
    They are deps? The port has several flavors..

    I had to install cyrus-sasl to get local auth (passwd) to work .. dont know if that is mentioned anywhere.. obvious?


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