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IPsec VPN from Mac OS 10.3.2 to OpenBSD 3.4

Contributed by jose on from the secure-links dept.

Patrik writes: "Mac OS 10.3 aka Panther has a VPN client built in. But as far as I found, you can't really use it with anything else than 10.3 server. After many trials... I found a way to connect my Panther via ipsec to my OpenBSD 3.4 gateway and the behind it using the (slightly changed) freeware "VaporSec" as a replacement.

As I am really no expert, you are likely to find many places for polishing in my small explanation how I did it, to be seen at: ."

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  1. By Nexus () on


    I was just looking for such a piece of documentation to securely connect my OS X powerbook with my OpenBSD box via WLAN.

    Great timing :-)

    Will look into this as soon as I upgrade my box to 3.4.

    1. By Dameon () on

      Thanks, I have been gathering docs on how to do this for a couple days. I hope to try this out next week.

  2. By Anthony () on

    I didn't even know there was IPSec on 10.2, and now I find out there's a whole gui front end and everything?

    I'm so not upgrading now.

  3. By dtsh () on

    You can also build isakmpd for MacOS X. Just edit and use the CNUmakefile in the isakmpd sources. We've been using it at the house for quite some time to help secure the otherwise crappy wireless bridge.

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