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Contributed by jose on from the fun-things-to-do-in-germany dept.

ssc writes: "The the german Chaos Computer Club e.V. (as known from the SummerCamp 2003 is holding it's anual Chaos Communication Congress between the 27th and 29th of December.

Some BSD folks will be there . A short review from the 19th congress can be found at EuroBSD ."

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  1. By Kay () on

    ... and they reloaded blinkenlights:

  2. By Not A Number? -> () on

    Ha, perfect! I will drive some developers into chaos and madness with support request about my crappy notebook. ;]

    (becoming poor on the way, if Wim has his usual baggage with him *g*)


    1. By Wim () on

      Please stop mocking all the emotional bagage and traumas I'm dragging along after beeing confronted with all these support requests ;-)

      (yes yes, we'll have to usual and unusual goodies on the stand)

  3. By opti () on

    There will be OpenBSD IPSEC with x509 available for the wireless networks this jear looking forward for your experience. Hope to see you there.


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