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Syncing CVS with cvsync

Contributed by jose on from the easier-mirroring dept.

cvsync is another CVS repository synchronization utility developed by MAEKAWA Masahide. It is very similar to CVSup but is not compatible with it, and written using C and the pthreads library. Although it is still at an experimental, it has reasonable portability, better performance, and IPv6 capabilities.

The AllBSD site contains a set of BSD archives:


There is a new page on the OpenBSD site which lists cvsync mirrors and how you can use this tool to keep a mirror.

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  1. By Ray () on

    Does CVSync allow for local modifications in the repository like CVSup does?

    1. By Janne Johansson () on

      CVSync copies the repository, not the current content of it,
      so from the CVSync'ed repository, you check out a local
      copy o -current or OPENBSD_3_4 or whatever tag you like.
      That one can of course contain local modifications, since
      it is "cvs" that handles it, and not CVSync.

  2. By Janne Johansson () on

    I don't really know what to expect, but checking out
    all modules (www,x11,src,ports and so on) took some
    43000 seconds for me yesterday, not quite "fast" in
    my book. I do have a 2.5mbit connection and ran against
    my closest mirror (.de, I live in .se) which responded
    faster than the .usa. mirror. Didn't try the other ones.

    Dont hold your breath while running it. =)

    1. By vincent () on

      based on your comments, you don't need the tool.

      figuring out what you're about to do before you do it is usually a good idea.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        I wanted to know if it would be better than rsyncing
        or other keep-lots-of-files-in-sync, but whatever the
        need may be, I though I could let folks know that it
        did take 43000-ish seconds for me to collect it all.

        Regardless of if I need it or not.

    2. By Rob () on

      So how does this compare with a CVSup run, or a plain old cvs checkout?

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