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OpenBSD under Bochs?

Contributed by jose on from the emulation-land dept.

george writes : "Has anybody tried to run OpenBSD under Bochs? I run Bochs from Windows and then I try to install OpenBSD on Bochs. How ever, when I try to press any key (namely ``i'' to start the install, I get muliple keystrokes instead).

Searching the net I found out but nobody answered to that guy."

I haven't used Bochs in eons, but it would be nice to have OpenBSD working under it.

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    1. By george () on

      It worked! Thank you!

      bochsrc entry is:

      pit: realtime=1

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Can anyone then contact the Bochs team so they update their pages saying that OpenBSD works
        and maybe submitting some image ?
        says :

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I almost forgot about this project... and off I go to download it...

  3. By Anthony () on

    Good place to play with -CURRENT. It just might take a little while to compile...

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I have exactly the same problem when I run under the DELL Remote Access Console. Even the login sequence cannot be done properly. Ex: rrrroooooootttttttt

    Is there a solution for that too?

  5. By Nicolas Ecarnot () on

    Did your read the doc ?
    Look at some options like 'ips' or 'pit'.

    I succeed in running OpenBSD3.2 in a FreeBSD 5.0 and it did work fine.
    Recently, I did run a win98 in a freebsd 5.1R and though it worked, it was really slow.
    I plan to test some graphical function of a unix-like distro to see if this slowness came from win98 or from the fact my openbsd3.2 guest did not use X...

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      X will be as slow as a compareable 98 set when running in Boches since it is a pure x86 instruction emulator and doesn't map instructions to the CPU equivilent like VMWare or something.

    2. By Anonymous Hero () on

      For faster speed on x86, consider Plex86. You might also be interested in Xen either now or in the future, depending on your host/guest OS. On x86 for running a particulair program, WINE comes in mind.

      Perhaps it is possible to run Vthe proprietary Mware/Win4lin in linux_emu. Not sure.

      Anyway, there's more than Bochs.

  6. By m00f () on

    anyone got past the ne1 device timeout
    when you enable networking?

    1. By Leo_73 () on

      I had the same problem time ago... If you look in the forums, you will find the solution. My nick is the same.

      Hope it helps you.


      1. By Leon_73 () on

        Sorry.., wrong place for the post...
        Thish is my first time ;-)


  7. By leon_73 () on

    I had the same problem time ago... If you look in the forums, you will find the solution. My nick is the same.

    Hope it helps you.


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