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Nortel Networks Contivity to OpenBSD white paper

Contributed by jose on from the help-from-where-you-need-it-most dept.

anonymous writes : "Nortel Networks has published a Contivity to OpenBSD Tech Tip white paper on setting up an IPSec peer-to-peer tunnel. Contivity refers to it as a Branch Office tunnel."

This is pretty cool, support from a large ISP like this ... The guide itself is about 30 pages long and looks really useful.

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  1. By Adriaan () on

    AFAIK Nortel Networks is a manufacturer of network gear. Recently I bought a 12 ports managed Nortel switch on Ebay :)

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I would have loved to have had this document 12 months ago. I was trying to setup a VPN between an OpenBSD server (my company's) and a client's contivity VPN router. I spent a lot of time reading through Contivity docs to get it to work.

  3. By Morden SM4 () on

    My company uses a nortel contivity VPN switch for us all to conect into..we use the Windows client with username / password authentication.

    As I don't have any control over the VPN switch ( it's in another country ) this method in the document won't work for me.

    Has anyone ever got a peer - peer, OpenBSD - Nortel Contivity, using just the username / password authentication?


    1. By djm () on

      If that is using IPsec XAUTH, then I don't think the current isakmpd supports it.

    2. By JeF () on

      Nortel's xauth based authentication does use a proprietary hash algorithm. So even if you support xauth, you'll *wont* be able to connect to the nortel box and it has been done *on purpose* by nortel. I just hope they dont sell on open standard arguments.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        On a Nortel Contivity, there is a option for IPSEC connections called "Allow Non-Contivity Clients" which might help creating user connections with isakmpd. I've never done it before (only "branch-office" tunnels) but as long as you have matching options on each end and don't require NAT traversal, you should be able to hack it together.

        Assuming that you or a helpful administrator on the other end knwos what the settings are on the Nortel.

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