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Tepatche -- Automatic OpenBSD System Patcher in current SysAdmin

Contributed by jose on from the feature-presentation dept.

daddy2times writes: "in the current Sys Admin (December 2003) there is an article on Tepatche -- Automatic OpenBSD System Patcher by its author, Gunnar Wolf.

It doesn't look like the article is available on line."

You can find part of the December, 2003, issue online , but this story is not available there. But, way to go, this sounds like a nice bit of exposure.

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  1. By Juanjo () on

    Admin must update the installed ports and remake the kernel.

    If there's not support for binary updates... I think is better track stable branch in the CVS and just use CVS tools for it.

    1. By Gunnar Wolf () on

      When I came up with Tepatche, it was not for making OpenBSD be completely autoupdatable - I do not think that extreme automation can be good either for your system or for yourself as a sysadmin. Automatic limited patching can, however, be a great help for people in charge of many systems - That is what I am aiming for. Of course, it will also help a not-so-maintained system be kept up to date and safer, but that is not the main goal.

  2. By Peter Hessler () on

    What's the point? What is wrong with `cd /usr && cvs -q up -PAd -rOPENBSD_X_Y src`?

    1. By Anonymous Hero () on

      You don't want to do that on a slow box, believe me. Therefore, there IS something wrong with this method in various circumstances. Binary patches all the way :)

    2. By Jim Brown () on

      Are you saying this is better than tepatche?. If so what do i replace the X and Y with?. Also do i have to compile the kernel or just reboot. Also should i just Enter "cd /usr && cvs -q up -PAd -rOPENBSD_X_Y src" at the root prompt?.


  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

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