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Contributed by jose on from the freshports-for-OpenBSD dept.

Andreas Holstenson writes: "Ever since the OpenBSD team stopped building those gigantic webpages containing information about all ports in the tree, many in the community has been searching for a viable alternative. Just as late as the 2nd November someone asked here on Deadly if there was an easy way to "browse" ports, and well now there is! Just browse to and visit a unofficial OpenBSD Ports page."

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  1. By SH () on

    Nicely done.


  2. By Michael van der Westhuizen () on

    very useful!

    one "change request" - please obfuscate the maintainers e-mail addresses (petty, I know); spam robots will love these pages otherwise ;-/

    good work :-D

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      It's irrelevent by now. The maintainers are already inundated with spam.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Nice Straw Man. What's in question here is not whether they get spam already, it's whether they should get *more*.

        1. By Jeffrey () on

          Here here. Please do obfuscate maintainer email addresses. I am a maintainer (of only one port) and am *not* inundated w/ spam already. I'd like to try and keep it that way...

          BTW, my port is mail/nail .. give it a try =)

  3. By Dave () on

    Great work, thanks!

  4. By Wouter () on

    This is great work Andreas, have you somehow automated the creation of the site or have you done it all by hand?

    1. By Andreas Holstenson () on

      Well it's automagically built every night at 04.00 CET (The CVS tree is synced around 01.00 CET).

      1. By Peter Hessler () on

        Might want to double check your CVS tree. I don't see the change that gave me maintainership. (sysutils/gkrellm)

        Very nice job, otherwise.

        1. By Andreas Holstenson () on

          Is this in the OpenBSD 3.4 version of the ports tree? Currently I'm using -rOpenBSD_3.4 to checkout sources from CVS.

  5. By StatiK76 () on

    very well done. congrats.


  6. By Joe Schmoe () on

    Now that we're on this topic, I was just wondering why there are so many Autoconf versions in the ports? What was the rationale behind that? How do you get them to interoperate?

    1. By tedu () on

      because the autoconf people decided to release two incompatible versions, and some software wants one, and some wants the other. see also the metaauto port.

    2. By Marc Espie () on

      All those autoconf versions interoperate just fine... thanks to metaauto, and the infrastructure in the ports tree.

      Actually, we are missing a few, that I haven't had time to check.

      The rationale behind all these versions is as a checking tool. You need a given autoconf version to be able to regenerate a configure file from

      So, all that stuff is part of a work-in-progress, to help people grabbing new stuff off various sites check those sources for Trojans.

      Paranoid ? Well, we've seen at least four trojans use the configure route over the last year.

      And having several autoconf versions is mandatory for that. A few months ago, an update of libdvdcss contained:
      - one small windows change;
      - an update to newer autoconf/automake.

      Result: 12,000 lines of diff. Fairly easy to hide anything you may want in there...

  7. By Joe Schmoe () on

    Another question: why is Libnet at 1.0.2a and not 1.1.0?

    1. By Sam () on

      Because no one has updated it. Want to do it and sent it to the MAINTAINER?

      1. By jolan@ () on

        Because they're incompatible, don't co-exist nicely, and 1.0.2a is more widely supported.

  8. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Excellent work! Now if only I didn't need to eat food, I'd pay for a domain such as or something.

    Excellent work and my thanks to you!

    1. By Philip () on

      You can use too.

      I was just too lazy to add the cname when Andreas asked me to..

  9. By rankor_industries () on

    As someone who was just this morning going through the ports tree, I thank you very much!

  10. By Anonymous Coward () on

    It is "is a proxy which accepts connections from any irc-client
    and allows you to communicate using following instant messaging

  11. By panda () on


    checkout the description for vim, the description
    for uemacs shows up, seems as though your script
    gets confused sometimes.

    1. By Andreas Holstenson () on

      Well I can see, I'll try to fix it tonight. Something has gone wrong with the build scripts.

  12. By Jorge Cortes () on

    Some years ago I was working in a script similar to this, I didn't finish it because I didn't have enough time. The reason that I write this, is just to don't let pass this new and publish my work too,
    I don't want to duplicate efforts either, like I said this script was made some years ago.

  13. By Anonymous Coward () on

  14. By Anonymous Coward () on

  15. By Kyle Amon () email@accepted.not on

    As long as we're on the subject, it has always seemed like a conspicuous omission to me that a relatively simple cgi script along these lines is not part of the official OBSD ports tree anyway.

    If such a script were included, after ensuring that one's ports tree was up to date, all one would have to do to feed one's self would be something like...

    cd /usr/ports ; make index ; make readmes

    and make sure the web server of their choice is running with the ability to exec this 'ports.cgi' (or whatever) script in /usr/ports.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      looks like we have a volunteer

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