OpenBSD Journal Creates a Halloween Star

Contributed by jose on from the fun dept.

Alex Kirk writes: "As many of you probably remember, last Halloween I posted a picture of my black cat "causing" bad magic on my OpenBSD box ( I thought people might find it interesting that that posting turned this cat into an international star -- that picture has turned up in places as diverse as Italian message boards, Czech chat rooms, Arabic discussion threads, and Japanese Anime pages. It's even made it out to Syrian Virtual University and a USO-related site. It's received over 15,000 hits in the last year; I've posted some of the most interesting referrers at Pretty amazing to think what a silly little posting on this site can do!"

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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  1. By rankor_industries () on

    What is it with black cats? A few months ago I was screwing around with a custom kernel and did some things that um... well I wasn't supposed to do.

    Everything was running fine on the kernel, that is until my black cat (Houdini) ran right across the desk. At the very moment the cat passed between me and my monitor, wouldn't you know it, a kernel panic!

    The cat is no longer allowed around the computer while I am experimenting.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Now think of all the times you've had a kernel panic with no kitty around.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        doesn't mean there was no cat around.. >;)


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