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Pegasos I support added to -current

Contributed by jose on from the cool-PPC-hardware dept.

Dale Rahn has just added support for the Pegasos I mainboard as arch/pegasos . We posted about the Pegasos hardware recently, but now it's getting ready for prime time. You can find more information on the website about this IBM/Motorola project based on the PPC. An OpenBSD developer site has even been established to coordinate work on this project.

The Pegasos I board is a limited availability board which was seeded to developers (including Rahn) to get various systems ported to it. The second edition of the board, the Pegasos II, has onboard gigabit Ethernet and is available for sale now but currently lacks OpenBSD support. Linux and MorphOS both run on the system, as well. Hopefully we'll see support for the second generation boards soon, as they address a lot of the issues in the first generation and are currently available. OpenBSD is one of the more prominent systems listed as nearing maturity on the platform, with others closely following.

Snapshots are also starting to appear on the mirror sites, bit it will be slow going for a few days while OpenBSD 3.4 is being fetched by people. In the meantime, if you're curious about this hardware platform you can purchase boards on the website. And if you do, be sure to help out with the development efforts.

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  1. By MotleyFool () on

    The Pegasos II looks like an interesting system. Does Dale need one donated to him to get Pegasos II supported? I bet we could get enough people to donate some money to get him a board.

    1. By Brad () brad at comstyle dot com on mailto:brad at comstyle dot com

      No board donations are necessary.

      1. By Brad () brad at comstyle dot com on mailto:brad at comstyle dot com

        Let me clarify, donations would not be necessary for the initial port but having more boards for developers to do additional testing would be great.

        1. By MotleyFool () on

          So does that mean that Dale has a Pegasos II already? That's what I was asking as the original post said there was no support for the II yet.

          1. By aliquis () on

            The delivers of the Pegasos2 is supposed to start in two weeks or so I think. So I don't think he got one already.

            For anyone intrested prices are 299 euro with PPC750 running at 600MHz, 499 euro for PPC74xx running at 1GHz and upgrade from Pegasos1 to a Pegasos2 with PPC74xx is 200 euro.

            The Pegasos1 replaced with the upgrade will be sold for only 99 euro to any intrested developers.

            1. By MotleyFool () on

              that was the point. I didn't think the P2 was available yet, and if one hasn't already been purchased for the developers it might be a good idea to do so.

  2. By aliquis () on

    Cool, my favorite os for my possibly future platform =)

    To bad I don't got a work because then I would have ordered one already, old amiga user as I'm and i prefer to run the BSDs anyway so why not. Plus the platform will have openbeos and qnx support soon aswell.

    Anyway, thanks Dale Rahn, your work is much appreciated =)

    Now if someone could hack in some MacOS X support aswell...

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      You can already run MacOS X on it using Linux PPC and MacOnLinux .. you can run MorphOS, Linux, OpenBSD, soon OpenBeos and QNX, list is growing ..

      1. By aliquis () on

        MacOS X is already slow enough as is. Running MacOS X emulated in Linux wasn't what I asked for and I couldn't care less.

    2. By Michael () on

      Regarding QNX:

      Makes you wonder.

    3. By matthias () on


      well if you could MOL (Mac on Linux) compile within OpenBSD, you can use MacOS and MacOS X as well.

      By now you can use MacOS (X) on the Pegasos with MOL on Debian Linux.

  3. By MotleyFool () on

    the Pegasos 2 board looks like a very good candidate for a small remote system. Anyone know if the console is automagically directed to the serial port if the keyboard is not plugged in, ala Sun/Alpha,any real system?

    2. By Eric Ziegast () zee on mailto:zee

      I saw a demo a year ago at CES.

      Not only does it support serial, but it behaves very much like a Sun OpenBoot console. You can list PCI devices, set environment variables, spcify boot devices, etc.

      Praise the lord, a serial-based BIOS that doesn't suck like IA32.

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