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Folding@Home on OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the helping-other-people-out dept.

Alex Kirk writes: "For those interested in distributed computing work, another major project is now (basically) open to users of OpenBSD: Folding@Home (, a project that simulates protein folding in order to understand disease, cell function, etc. Users of FreeBSD have been running it under Linux emulation for some time; after playing around with it a bit yesterday, I found a way to achieve much the same effect on OpenBSD, which I posted at At this point, it's still in the beta stages -- one of my 3.3. boxes works, the other doesn't -- so the more testing by the community that can be done, the better. Of course, I'd encourage everyone to continue donating wasted CPU cycles to this very worthy project even after they've successfuly tested it. :-)"

I know that there have been lots of requests in the past to use OpenBSD cycles for projects like this. Anyone have any reports on this project to share?

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  1. By Brad () on

    Damm, i was gunna seek fame and glory by achieving that on my holidays coming up in a few days :)

    Thanks :)

    1. By Alex Kirk () on

      Well hell, man, if you were interested in doing this, you can still definitely help out. I still have no reports of how this works on other people's systems, which I'm *sure* will give insight into the problems I'm experiencing. Please, *please*, run this on your box(es) and let me know if it works, and if not, what goes wrong. The more data that's collected, the easier it will be to have this running perfectly.

  2. By spud () on

    what other spare-cycle programs are there for openbsd?

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      There is always SETI@home! Help find E.T. using the most secure OS in the world! Ahem.

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