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Contributed by jose on from the broken-dist-site dept.

tcon writes: "

Something up with OpenBSD ftp site today? It was returning "too many users" earlier today (I wishfully thought they were putting 3.4 up for early ftp retrieval); then, when it started accepting connections again, the directory structure was whacked. /pub/OpenBSD just returned with a partial file list, but much is missing..."

It looks like it's still acting a bit funny this morning, too. I asked around and it's a hardware problem which is being worked on. For the time being, a mirror should suffice for most people.

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  1. By Sylencer () on

    Remember, guys, the OpenBSD project is not really involved in this server. Its just a cheap solution to host your large downloads at a SunSITE for which you don't have to pay.

    Could be anything hogging up that server, not necessarily related to OpenBSD.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    use them

    1. By Justin () on

      The only problem is the issue has propagated all the way out to the mirrors.

      I guess we will just stay tuned :D

      1. By Xenotrope () on

        I have a crontab that checks for new shapshots daily, and I'm glad the mirror I use still seems OK. I guess I'll be keeping that crontab turned off for a few days.

        Does anyone have any advice about preventing unwanted propagation of errors like this? I normally use rsync with the "--delete" flag, but I imagine that even without "--delete", there would still be a danger of zero-length files.

        1. By ViPER () on

          How about 6 days just sync & the 7th day sync & delete

          1. By Xenotrope () on

            Direct from the crontab (may be changed by space limitations):

            # Update OpenBSD snapshots daily

            #30 8 * * * rsync -qPtzr --delete $RSYNC_SERVER/snapshots/i386 ~ftp/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/

            I used to use, but they impose a connection limit during the normal business day; it's almost impossible to get in.

  3. By Tony () on

    I was hoping they were releasing 3.4 early as well since there are a couple of packages I need that aren't included on 3.4 CD set so it looks like I'm not going to be able to deploy my new 3.4 box until sometime after Nov 1st. I expect even then it's going to be fight to get anything downloaded since all of the FTP servers will be maxed out with everyone trying to download OpenBSD 3.4.

    1. By Wim () on

      Actually a the days *before* a release are a bit more busy for Bob and his partners in crime than most people think.

      The FTP servers listed in ANNOUNCE.TXT are currently beeing pre-loaded with 3.4 to make sure there are enough 'big' mirrors out there to satisfy initial demand.

      To quote from the previous 3.3 release:

      Read either of the following two files for a list of ftp mirrors which provide OpenBSD, then choose one near you:

      As of May 1, 2003, the following ftp sites have the 3.3 release: Alberta, Canada Boulder, CO, USA West Lafayette, IN, USA Sydney, Australia Ghent, Belgium Amsterdam, Netherlands Stockholm, Sweden Turkey

      Other mirrors will take a day or two to update.

  4. By James Rice () on

    Since there seems to be interest in getting 3.4 asap, heres a 3.4 iso I made the other day. Bootable. i386 only. No X11. link only reachable from non transit routes for the network (just in case it ends up being popular and eats bandwidth).
    Unofficial ISO, so no md5sum etc.

    Enjoy :-)

      1. By Janne Johansson () on

        What for? If he made the iso from the files on ftp/http/cvs,
        then it is PERFECTLY in line with all the goals stated
        for the project. If he somehow made copies from the CD
        then he should be ashamed of course, since they are

        1. By James Rice () on

          Indeed, the iso was made by installing snapshot from the ftp server, then cvs fetching OPENBSD_3_4 (ie stable), rebuilding. rebuilding a second time, and doing a make release. Definatly not a copyright violation of Theo's cd layout. I just didn't want to wait until November before having a play.

          I did email sup@openbsd a couple of weeks ago offering to host anoncvs server in the uk, since there isn't currently one. No reply. If the openbsd team would like one, and maybe a second ftp mirror in the uk, give me a prod. Bandwidth isn't a problem.

      2. By Digitalman () on

        This is free software. Everyone can make as much free iso as they want. Let's hope he has the bandwidth to provide iso.

    2. By Martin Reindl () on

      You won't get the cool stickers this way ;)

      1. By Tony () on

        I hope those that only download OpenBSD are in real dire straights which gives them an excuse for not buying a CD set. I know I've had to rely on the FTP install myself when I had problems with the CD install stalling out for some unknown reason on a few of my systems. I had the same problem with a box under 3.4 but this time I setup my own internal FTP site to handle my FTP installs. This is much faster for me and I'm not taking away bandwidth from the external mirror sites.

        1. By Marco () on

          I'm maintaining the unix ports of an Open Source app. It is in most linux distro's, and all BSDs (with Darwin soon to follow).

          If they all had the same stupid policy as OpenBSD, I _would_ be in dire straits.

          As a result, the OpenBSD support in our package (a compiler) is the worst of all popular unices, since I can't convince my collaborators and beta testers to install OpenBSD because of this stupid rule.

    3. By Anonymous Coward () on

      There is a problem with the URL (at least from this side)

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Works for me... seems you're in qwest-land, I doubt you can reach over their non-transit feeds.

    4. By Justin Ramsey () on

      Thanks. I think it is a nice idea. However, since the project had darpa funding pulled away, they can use all of our help. BTW, since there is no md5sum there is no guartantee it is safe.

      If we weren't paranoid we would be using windows right? ;-)

      1. By Adam () on

        It makes no difference at all wether md5sums are available, its a random ISO from a random guy on the internet. You really want verifiable proof that nobody has tampered with the ISOs when you have no idea if they are safe or not to begin with?

      2. By Digitalman () on

        AFAIK, md5sum is a signature. If you want to be sure it's authentic you need a certificate.


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