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OpenBSD 3.4 shipping

Contributed by jose on from the rush-delivery dept.

OpenBSD 3.4 CDs have begin to ship. If you ordered one already, you should see a charge appear on your credit card (if that's how you paid) and you should expect to see your CD in the next few days to week (depending on where you are). The CDs are being shipped from Calgary. This is earlier than expected, but hey ... enjoy it!

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  1. By Lincoln Rutledge () on

    Ooh, really? I thought it would be another month!

    That means I get to pick out where the posters will hang that much sooner...

    My 3.0 box at home is backed up and ready. I want to try to run my own tree this time...

    I hope this isn't a belated April Fool's joke...


  2. By Anthony () on

    When will 3.4 be available on the FTP sites? If it's shipping then clearly the 3.4 code base is ready to go...

    1. By dan () on

      it sounds like you need to buy a CD set since you want it before the November 1 release date.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      CVS is already tagged, you know...

  3. By richard () on

    The CDs to Europe too?

    1. By hopfgartner () on

    2. By Wim Vandeputte () on

      Yes, Europe too, but we have a 2 day delay due to shipping issues that got mixed up. I'm sure the post office will be amused when I drop off my car load of envellopes again ;-)

      Anybody willing to come and help me stuff envellopes is welcome in Lovendegem....

  4. By dude () on

    any idea when gcc3 (3.3 even?) will be made the default compiler? 2.95 is getting kind of old. not that i do too much development, but the but 3.3 is supposed to be noticably optimized. just curious what's holding this back, while other new packages like XFree86 4.3 and Perl 5.8 have been added. Is OpenBSD not able to compile with gcc3? or might it have stability/compatability issues?

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      The OpenBSD team has made many changes to gcc especially in the areas of security. I won't pretend to know the extent, but things like bounds checking, propolice and other things, I think, have integration or support from the patched gcc.

      That said, it does what the team wants and marginal performance boost is not that big of an incentive, compared to the work and potential unreliability issues gcc3 might present.

      Eventually I suppose they will want to merge with the trunk, but the frequency of this merge doesn't have to be high. Maybe OpenBSD 3.6 to merge with GCC-3.6 a year from now; ie: update every 4th or 5th OpenBSD release.

    2. By raiten () on

      later than sooner
      performance of generated code is better
      but compiling speed is an important issue, and some arch support

      has been discussed on misc@

      3.3 is in ports but not soon the default

    3. By yeah () on

      more likely they will make tendra the default compiler.

      1. By Brad () brad at comstyle dot com on mailto:brad at comstyle dot com

        Tendra will become the default compiler when hell freezes over. The current situation with GCC sucks but there isn't anything better out there.

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          I've only used it to see what it was like, but it was way faster than gcc, and had no problems. Obviously it needs to support more arches, but that will likely happen before hell freezing over, so what's the problem?

      2. By Lincoln () on

        The day gcc is not the default compiler for OpenBSD is the day I will switch to the superior HURD system. HURD will soften hands *while* it does the dishes, in parallel with complete privelege separation.

      3. By Anonymous Coward () raiten on mailto:raiten

        no real chance

        tendra does not support all openbsd archs ...
        and is really on developpement stage (first think to compile all openbsd sys/ports with tendra ...)

    4. By mirabile () on

      gcc is crap. gcc 3.3 is even worse, it fails to
      correctly rebuild itself - same for 3.3.1, I have
      to admit.
      I'll do some work on 3.2.3/3.2.4 next month.

  5. By Noryungi () on

    But the OpenBSD web site still says version 3.4 is on "pre-order"...

    Here are the results from the European ordering site (I have no reason to believe that it's different on the international site):

    Your order currently is:
    -> 1 OpenBSD 3.4 CD @ EUR 45.00
    NOTE: Orders containing 3.4 CD's will not ship until the CD is available.
    -> Total: EUR 45 + Shipping.
    OpenBSD 3.4 - will release and ship Nov. 1, 2003

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Yes, it's shipping early...

  6. By Martijn () on

    Why are the OpenBSD CD-roms so expensive in Europe? According to the OpenBSD website a CD-set will cost 40,- USD in the US and 45,- Euro in Europe.

    With the current exchange rate (1 Euro = 1.1724 USD) the CD-set will cost 52,16 USD in Europe. I think this is rather unfair.

    1. By Michael () on

      Shipping/import tarifs? Just a guess.

      1. By cy () on

        Hmmmm, tough.

        Europe has VAT and other taxes (and health care and other things).
        The euro's value does change against USD.
        Perhaps looking as CAD (it's a canadian product) would be more "fair."

        Perhaps the US gets a better price because we all carry handguns?
        The price is $55, but you americans get it cheaper because you're closer, your DARPA funded us for 18/24 months for millions and you scare us with your concealed weapons and stupid president.

        1. By Brian () on

          Not all trolls are ACs.

    2. By Wim Vandeputte () on

      VAT + exchange rate swings that are calculated in.

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