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Happy Birthday, OpenBSD!

Contributed by jose on from the 8-years-and-running dept.

David pointed out to me that OpenBSD's 8th birthday is today, with the first commit at 16:36 MST on Saturday, Octover 14, 1995. We've come a long way since then and we have a long way to go. Let's see what the future holds!

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  1. By bumby () on

    Nice day, two birthdaykidds. OpenBSD and OpenOffice!
    8 and 3 years old.

    Calls for a cake!

    1. By Shane Lahey () on

      yay!! I want some cake too,
      Now all we need is some beer!

  2. By Anonymous Bellyacher () on

    Who's going to be the first to complain that the dates are inaccurate, and OpenBSD is only 5 years old, and anyway it's not secure at all, and is easily cracked because the developers just steal good ideas from other, better, projects and implement them poorly. Furthermore, Theo is mean and Tedu is obviously in over his head.

    Followup with some impossible-to-refute statements about how OpenBSD is actually no better than DOS 5.1. Be sure to split as many hairs as possible by making as many over-the-top generalized statements as possible, but lambasting others for not be accurate.

    Extra points for straw-man arguments and ad hominem attacks.

    Well. I'm waiting.

    1. By John Doe () on

      Wunderbar !

      1. By Matt () on

        Bad Jonny! The sign at the door says don't feed the trolls.

    2. By SH () on

      Pax! In Nomine Domini ;-)

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on


    3. By Anonymous Coward () on

      MicroBSD celebrated the 8th birthday of OpenBSD 2 years ago!

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on


  3. By Ulysses () on

    yey! Happy B-day!

  4. By Lukasz () on

    Happy Birthday, OpenBSD!
    Live long and prosper!

  5. By Grimmo () on

    Congrats to all OpenBSD developers!!

  6. By zibi () on


    Long live for OpenBSD and the team !

    I am with OpenBSD form 2.6, who's longer ?
    (except Theo :-)

    What about the users club and users numbers?
    (numbered by date of dmesg sending)

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I am with OpenBSD form 2.6, who's longer ?

      I'm sure there are plenty of people who started before 2.6 and decided to stick around. I started with 2.5 but wish I'd started with OpenBSD instead of Linux (would have been 2.2).

      I think I would have learned a lot quicker and been a lot less confused. Due to documentation and the fact that OpenBSD is a whole system where you can quickly learn what you need to without redundancy.

  7. By tokza () on

    three cheers to OpenBSD folks :-)

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