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Adding System Calls (an OpenBSD Example)

Contributed by jose on from the kernel-coding dept. writes: "Kernel programming sometimes feels like a dark art where application programmers should never venture, but sometimes it's the right way to solve a problem. (Oh, and it's also very interesting.) One of the easiest places to start is by adding a new system call to a kernel. Kevin Lo explains how and why, with the OpenBSD kernel in this article ."

Pretty short article, and a neat way to learn more about kernel internals. What's the worst that can happen, you'll just crash your host and have to reboot a backup kernel ...

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  1. By samh () on

    Probably the best article about OpenBSD I have read.

  2. By djm () on

    Great article - I'm looking forward to the one on LKMs.

    1. By dan () on

      you can check this previous OpenBSD Journal article:

      1. By dan () on

        sorry, wrong URL:

    1. By joe black () on

      I agree with you.

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