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Stephanie for 3.4 released

Contributed by jose on from the extra-third-party-security dept.

fondula writes: "

sorry - no time to write a decent scoop :) (the pub awaits me)"

Interesting to see this tool back in the running. Remember, this can make your system unstable, cause new problems, etc ... you'll want to review the code first.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    NetBSD has a security feature not present in OpenBSD (Vexec???). Huh, weird. Warning! Code not checked Theo, fasten your seatbelts ;)

    1. By tedu () on

      it's not clear to me what this gets you that can't be done with chflags and mount noexec.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I've ported this to OpenBSD long time ago, but Theo wasn't interested.

  2. By brian () brian at ethernet dot org on mailto:brian at ethernet dot org

    i had no idea people were sleeping on that website as i did not announce it, as far as im concerned its still got more testing to go through.

    however, if this got to deadly, then fuck it, you people should download it, use it, and blame me for anything that happens.

    this is probably the last version of stephanie, by the way, since i'm starting military service very soon.

    the openssh bug is remotely exploitable@$!

    1. By sickness () on

      I've already patched my box... because I think it's good to patch...


      how you can say it's remotely exploitable without posting the proof? So I can say, in the same manner, that the openssh bug is NOT exploitable :)

      1. By prOn () on

        i know a stephanie that has a locally exploitable hole, and i have a movie proof !

        1. By sickness () on

          I was trying to be moderate... you are joking.

          Anyway... what about that pr0n? :P

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