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1st OpenBSD Portuguese User Group meeting

Contributed by jose on from the foreign-affairs dept.

Paulo Pires writes: "Created more than a year ago, the OpenBSD PT User Group ( is now managing a(n) (inter)national meeting for all its members and all OpenBSD lovers. Taking place in Lisbon at mrnet company building ( on the September 13th, this event will be mainly a presentation of the group and its goals. There will be people helping openbsd (about to become) newbies to install this os on their systems, presentations, beer, girls and much more! Give us a comment, a sugestion so we can in the future contribute, as other groups, to the OpenBSD Project."

These guys also have the start of some good resources for OpenBSD users in Portuguese, and don't forget about the Portuguese website translation .

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    The efforts of translation for the Portuguese are made by brazilians and not by portuguese people.

    1. By Paulo Pires () on

      indeed the efforts of translation have been taken by the brazilian obsd user group.
      as much as i know, the obsd pt group is a more developing oriented project , altought that some internal problems had, somehow, been the only reason why this group isn't yet a regular contributor to the openbsd project!

    2. By António Marques () on

      Yes, the brazilians have done a good job at translating documentation. We believe the diferences between pt and pt_BR aren't significant to justify a any translation to pt.

      We have other things in mind and the project is still in its infancy. This meeting should boost the
      number of people interested in OpenBSD here in Portugal.

    3. By morsello () on

      Nobody said that translations were made by portugueses.<br> <br> Before some brazilians start a flame war with portugueses, is better to think why the 3 user groups are dead links.<br> <br> <a href= >Grupo de Usuarios - Brazil</a> <br>

    4. By morsello () on

      Nobody said that translations were made by portugueses.

      Before some brazilians start a flame war with portugueses, is better to think why the 3 user groups are dead links.

      Grupo de Usuarios - Brazil

    5. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Yes! You are correct! We here know to talk and read English since puberty. Is part of the world evolution and globalization... but that you certainly don’t get, do U Lula’s Disciple. Is to far from U and your countryman’s! After all you are still in the “reforma agrária”.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    This is more important than the newly discovered securelevel bypass that is present in all versions of OpenBSD? Could OpenBSD developers make an honest effort to rip a single file properly in the future, instead of adding several exploitable integer overflows in the process? Thank you.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      ROTFL LMAO!!!! :D

      Tu tas la =)

    2. By djm () on

      What, like the story on the front page?

      I'm sorry that Jose has nothing better to do than post stories 24 hours a day. After all, one could never do too much to satsify gutless trolls who refuse to put their name to their childish venom, hiding behind anonomyiser too...

  3. By testingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingtestingt () on

    If I am correct, the IP for this post will be truncated. Fix your website, lover's of "correctness".

    1. By () on

      It is only exploitable if you're already root.

      Please Jose. I love to come to deadly for the comments. Could you please employ a username/password system and block access to anonymizer IP's?

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