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SUCON 2003 pics

Contributed by jose on from the european-cons dept.

Martin Reindl writes: "Last friday the Swiss Unix Conference 2003 took place in Zürich, Switzerland (surprise). Daniel Hartmeier, some local BSD people and various other people from Sun, IBM and Gnome were there and held speeches. A small array of pictures can be found here: "

Looks like a decent time, and I wish I could have gone (as usual ...). Thanks for the pics, guys.
UPDATE Daniel has posted his slides in HTML format . Worth a look.

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    Cool, dhartmei@ is wearing the c2k3 shirt.

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    Where are the girls [BSD cow is cool]

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    Comments are back on? :)

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      Which is good, since the lack of comments would kill this site, IMLousyO.

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      hot damn

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      number_of_interesting_comments == 0

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    What is planned for the missing features on the last slide?


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