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PF faq as txt and pdf

Contributed by jose on from the printable-docs dept.

Patryck writes: "Everyone noticed the PF faq has recently been updated, but untill so far there has only been a HTML version of the faq. I stumbled upon a txt- and pdf-version dated 02-09-2003. You can surely find yours in OpenBSD's "doc" directory at your local mirror.Quite a nice job!

OpenBSD main ftp-site:

List of OpenBSD ftp-mirrors around the world: "

Thanks, this is a far more usable form for printing out a FAQ than the HTML version.

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  1. By RC () on

    Approx 1 year ago, I e-mailed, complaining that the PDF version was very much out-of-date, and that making a new one would be easy, and offered to do the job. The reply I got, was asking if I could write a script that does the process.

    Within a few days, I had sent a few versions of a script that used lynx, html2ps, and ghostscript to create a PS, PDF and ASCII version of the FAQ.

    What I hove to wonder is, why it took so long before anyone started using it. At the time, I figured maybe someone didn't like the script, or wasn't really interested in providing a PDF version. Of course, this post seems to indicate that there is interest, and looking at the PDF, there are several little clues that tell me it was created with the script I wrote.

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