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Contributed by jose on from the daemon-in-the-desert dept.

BSDguy writes: "A few monthes ago there an article about a San Franciso User Group, I am hoping I can get some user groups setup by using website. I am interested in getting a group started back up in the Phoenix area but anybody who wants to start a user group in their area just start a thread. Thanks."

Looking on the user groups page on the OpenBSD website, I see a Phoenix BSD user group. I wonder if it's the same guy ...

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    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Holy Welcome to Last Decade, Batman.

      1. By Psychopath () on

        Hehe - I just can say the filename: Wow! She looks quite hot :-)

      2. By submicron () submicron@is.sick.of.spam on

        Sure, the pics were old *shrug*. I hadn't seen that last one. Thanks for sharing it.

      3. By Peter Hessler () on

        Sorry guys. The bandwidth is too much for my poor DSL line, so I killed /bgpicts/. I'll put it back up in a day or two (or three of four).

        If someone wants to mirror that, email me, and I'll send you the image.

  2. By marco () on

    email me. i've been working on a bsd group in az for some time. i think the closest we get now is tfug.

    the guy who setup the moved to hawaii a long time ago


  3. By click46 () on setup an orange county or even LA area users group to no avail. I got maybe three interested parties but no where to host it.

    1. By Peter Hessler () on

      Just go to a coffee shop, or a pizza resturant. That's what we (SFOBUG) did. As long as people buy stuff and behave, it's not a problem. Try your local Barnes & Noble also.

      We even do stuff at member's houses (so far just mine). I handle the "wierdo on the internet" worry, by telling people to email me for the address. ;-)

  4. By elmore () on

    I posted this the last time one of these stories came around on deadly. I'd be interested helping startup a group in Atlanta in anyones interested. Just let me know. I'd be happy to volunteer whatever is needed.

    1. By dotslash () on

      I have been looking for an OBSD group in the ATL. I am relatively new to BSD, since I am starting to move away from Linux to OBSD. I will be more than happy to help start one or contribute to one.

  5. By Raj Prakash () on

    Same msg, different location. Any Miami, Fl users looking to get together for some BSD development / preaching , just drop me a line. Frequently found on Freenode #openbsd channel.


    1. By Julian Smith () on

      Same msg, different location again. Any London UK BSD users interested in setting up a group? LONBUG seems defunct please contact me

  6. By Brad Davis () brad at liquidneon dot com on mailto:brad at liquidneon dot com

    I haven't heard anything about a group in Denver so if anyone is intersted please contact me.

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