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More Spam Defenses

Contributed by jose on from the mailland-security dept.

A couple more O'ReillyNet articles to note from the past couple of months. The first is Defending Your Site Against Spam , which lists several tricks to block spammers. However, some of them are difficult to scale to larger sites and userbases, but worth a look, anyhow. The second is Spam Fighting with QMail , which lists how you can use QMail features to help defend your mail server from spammers. Interesting reading all around.

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  1. By Wouter () on

    I really hate these RBL listings, if you are in the same IP block of an spammer, you can really say bye bye to emailing :

    Don't think you can get out of these lists very easy :(

    1. By technoshaman ()!technoshaman on!technoshaman

      That's why I don't care for "collateral damage" RBL's. The solution if possible is to get an ISP or email provider that has its own connections to the backbone.... 'course, you could be SOL if you live in Back of Beyond, MissKanOming... unless you go with El Cheapo Bandwidth Service and then add a separate email provider with tunnel or shell access.... One outfit I know of does UUCP over TCP specifically for poor cable schmucks who have Port 25 blocked and need reliable transport...

  2. By Yves () on

    The 2nd article mentions Trustic RBL. Following that link shows that this service has now closed.

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