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Kerberos/GSS-API Support in OpenSSH

Contributed by jose on from the more-experimental-patches dept.

Vegas writes: " The GSS-API is a generic API for doing client-server authentication. It stands for Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface and its included with most major Kerberos 5 distributions. OpenSSH support of this API and kerberos makes it even more secure. To know more about it and to download package for openssh+gssapi, which is openssh-3.6.1p2 with version 20030430 of the GSS-API patches, click here ."

These patches look like they fix some bugs and add some features, which are worthy goals. Have a look at the patch and see if it can't be included in future OpenSSH codebases.

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  1. By Vegas () on

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    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

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      1. By Vegas () on

        So do i, but its only OpenBSD related, bring stuff from all the *BSD tree, including OpenBSD.

    2. By viva w4rx0r? () on

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      1. By Vegas () on

        It is the site of a bunch of motivated people wanting to help the community. We have nothing to do with astalavista and i don't even know who run it. You should not judge a site by it dns but by it contain, my guess..

  2. By djm () on

    This has been brought up on this site at least three times. Each time we have stated that asking for the patch to be integrated is not going to speed things up. If people want to see this patch integrated, it needs to be audited and reduced in size.

    A few developers have been doing just this, with *zero* outside assistance (for all the talking).

    1. By jose () on

      hurr ... my bad, i should have investigated that a bit more, it did feel familiar. you're right, but then again, slashdot posts duplicates frequently :) ....

      sorry about that.

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