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Announcing the OpenBSD presence during the CCC SummerCamp 2003

Contributed by jose on from the fun-fun-fun-in-the-sun dept.

Wim writes: "You might remember us from such mishaps and hangovers like HAL 2001 , Libre Software Meeting and LinuxTag... Wel, we are at it again.

OpenBSD will be present at the CCC SummerCamp 2003 in Paulshof, a small district of the city of Altlandsberg near Berlin, Germany.

We'll be providing a roof over the head for any OpenBSD user or developer interested spending 4 days in a field near Berlin. Available are tent space for hacking, a seperate dark/silent tent for sleeping and lots of opportunities to go skinny dipping in a nearby lake. We've been garanteed by Mr Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf that there will be, and I repeat, no rain this year (contrary to HAL 2 years ago). In any case, we have 140 m^2 tentspace to keep us out of rain *and* sun. And a stocked fridge with Gulden Draak.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register first with the SummerCamp organizers using .

Second step is to register your presence in the BSD Tent, using the web form here .

For any questions, please contact .

See you on the campground!"

Having just gotten back from hanging out for a day or so with Wim at LSM, I can say it should be a fun time. The OpenBSD european guys are nice, and hacking in the outdoors is a lot of fun. Wish I had the time to go, and if you do, send a trip report.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Sounds like fun. But it is too expensive for me (specially in the light of buying a notebook;-)

    Well, everyone who's there - have fun!

    1. By Dunceor () on

      Yeah we was a gang that was gonna go but because of lack of time we had to cancel. To bad :(

    2. By cryx () on

      Yeah, it is expensive!
      But have a look at . You can send an email to and explain why you are unable to pay the EUR 100, if it sounds reasonable, maybe it becomes cheaper :).

      No, I have no influence on this decision ;).

      see you at the campsite,
      ps: have a look at

      1. By Anonymous () on

        Forget about that.
        This TimPritlove guy is a pretty hard nut :(

        I'm saving my money since weeks for the camp...

        1. By Tim Pritlove () on

          Am I? I don't think so. We were able to help everybody who turned to us so far...

          The Camp itself is not a cheap thing and this year there is almost no financial sponsorship by companies. We extended the Camp to four days but kept the same price per day like four years ago (and the the same price of HAL as well).

          So if you can pay: please do. If you can't: tell us.


  3. By Gilbou () on

    Been to the french site to find how much a ticket would cost, can't find anything. I tried various names that appear on the little map of the web site, and none are available as destination. I don't feel like going to some german train station, the map is way too small to know where it's in the country. And it's a bit expensive, being jobless. I'm afraid that even if the entry was half the price or just coming one day the train ticket would be too expensive for me so I can't come :/

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