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pf2x v1.0.1 released

Contributed by Dengue on from the pf2x-v1.0.1-released dept.

Shane Lahey writes : "pf2x is PHP script that will take the output of your pflog and convert it into various different output formats. These output formats include Plain Text, XML, HTML, PDF and MySQL INSERT statements for import into a MySQL database.

This program can be downloaded from

Any comments/suggestions are welcome, also if you would like to see some other output format just send me an email and I'll try my best to include it."

Just the thing to satisfy the reporting urges of management types everywhere.

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  1. By Michael Anuzis () on

    I don't quite see the use of it, yet.
    I've only tried the text based and html modes though. Html first, but it's not yet supported. Text based second, it worked but it wasn't anywhere near as statistical as I had hoped. Instead it seemed to just be a long list of each packet's analyzation paraphrased with a description.

    If the html exporting was supported, and if it offered useful statistics such as percentages per protocol per port, + maybe (eventually) generated some fancy pie graphs similar to Nessus I think it would be a very useful tool lots of people would use.

    Just my $.02

    1. By jose () on

      statistics? aguri. pie graphs? xml -> svg via an xslt. or use the xml and an xslt to generate HTML tables, like we (myself and miochael) do in pf2xml: ...

      you're just not being creative enough :)

  2. By Balázs Bárány () on

    If you want statistical analysis, you could check out my script fwanalog (it's under the GPL).

    It knows lots of other logfile formats, e.g. old OpenBSD/*BSD/Solaris ipf, Linux ipchains and iptables, Cisco and other routers etc.

  3. By anonymous coward () anonymous@nowhere.not on mailto:anonymous@nowhere.not

    us postgres people are waiting in 2nd place...sheesh

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Doctor, doctor! I hurts when I do this!

      So don't do that.

      If you don't like waiting in 2nd place, use MySQL. Duh.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        So why not just use Windows? Market share isn't everything.

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