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IPv6 dns server registrations are possible!

Contributed by jose on from the 128-bit-dns dept.

Todd Fries writes: "To be absolutely clear, the registar I've done this with is Network Solutions. They have an 'advanced dns team' that responds to the phone number of 1-866-345-0330 in the US. Other registars may have other numbers or points of contact you may have to worm your way to in order to get this done. But the bottom line is, the gtld-servers can do this."

Read on to see how you can register an IPv6 DNS server more easily.

"Two days ago I got off the phone with Network Soltuions and thought this was another year I could not register an IPv6 dns server.

Now I have finished a call with their advanced dns team, and have been informed that I will get two of my registered hosts updated with an IPv6 address, for certain.

They are capable of putting in an IPv6 address for a dns server that has an existing IPv4 address. For example (as sent to the 6bone mailing list):

        whois -h
shows the output of:
   Server Name: DOT.EP.NET
   IP Address:
   IP Address: 2001:478:6:0:230:48FF:FE22:6A29
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
This is most definately registered as a v4 and v6 dns server.

If any of you out there are wanting to register an IPv6 address with your dns server for your domain, and you have Network Soltuions as your registrar, call the above number. You may not get the same person I did, so you may need some patience while you explain to them the above information proves they can do it.

Soon (within a week perhaps) you should be able to substitute '' for the above ''.

I have raised the bar one notch, however, and requested not only and get an additional ip that happens to be IPv6, but I've also requested that get registered as a host with an IPv6 record _only_.

This last bit may not be everyone's desire just yet, but I like to be forward thinking, and would like to push to have things ready when more and more do not need to register an IPv4 address to have a dns server.

Hope this sheds some light on a frustrating problem (until today)."

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  1. By Todd T. Fries () on

    Initially, I asked `how should I point the masses to you guys?' I received
    the response `the phone number will work just fine'. Since then I have been
    informed that overseas customers would find an email address much less
    costly. Repeating the question again has resulted in the following
    email address:

    Happy IPv6'ing!

    1. By Soup Nazi () on

      Some popular free DNS Providers allow you to set AAAA records..

      Zonedit would be one of them. inside the advanced options they allow you to set ipv6 dns records.

      You can also use your own DNS to accomplish this. Bind fully supports ipv6

      1. By Todd T. Fries () on

        well, true. And I've been doing this for around two years or more.

        However, I was not aware (until this week) that one could register an IPv6 dns IP for a nameserver with the toplevel sites. Aka if you did not want to use IPv4 at all, you would still need to use IPv4 for dns resolution.

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          Well true, but it differs from where you live. Ie. Belgium has .be; Germany has .de - so when non-US and wanting to register a domain of your lands' TLD you're still out-a-luck. Unless someone has info about this beeing possible for other countries/registrars as well. When not using .net/.com/.org at this registrer then you can't use this as well... but it's innovative news :)

          1. By Carlos () on

            .pt (Portugal's ccTLD) is already IPv6 enabled, and there the online request forms already receive v6 addresses too.


          2. By Todd T. Fries () on

            As you can see by the Portuguese reply, there is the ability, if they choose to. Now it is up to you to contact the appropriate people, light the appropriate fires, and make it happen. As a customer, you desire this!

            For whatever it is worth, I was not under the impression that .com/.net/.org/.ws/.info/etc were limited to the US. There are (I am finding out) a few registrars that are IPv6 willing; this number I hope only continues to rise.

    2. By Arrigo Triulzi () on

      Mmh, I sent a polite email asking for one of my DNS records to be amended to include an IPv6 address but so far no joy. As a matter of fact I got an e-mail back from NetSol at the above address telling me that:

      "IPv6 is not supported"

      Oops. Looks like you need the correct person to read the e-mail message doesn't it...

  2. By Kirill () on

    I contacted directNIC asking about the possibilty of registering an IPv6 address associated with a DNS server. Very promptly I got a response. Here is what I received:

    Currently our system does not allow IPv6 to be associated with a nameserver, but due to several requests we have recently added it to the list of things that will be added shortly to directNIC's systems.

  3. By Arrigo Triulzi () on

    OK, granted, they will do IPv6 eventually but this is just scary:

    "Dear Network Solutions Customer,

    We apologize for the lateness for this response, to add the ipv6 entries for your server we require some further information primarily the username and password for access to your domain manager at for the domain name ."

    They cannot be serious, can they? I guess it will have to be an international phone call...

    1. By Todd T. Fries () on

      Yes, username and password are currently required to do this:

      Server Name: NS0.FRIES.NET
      IP Address: 3FFE:B00:4004:1:0:0:1:0
      IP Address:
      Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, INC.
      Whois Server:
      Referral URL:

      or this:

      Server Name: NS6.FRIES.NET
      IP Address: 3FFE:B00:4004:1:0:0:1:6
      Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, INC.
      Whois Server:
      Referral URL:

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