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Jacek strikes back

Contributed by jose on from the more-oreillynet-goodneess dept.

Grégoire writes: "There is a new installment of Jacek's excellent series "Securing small networks with OpenBSD". This one is titled "Changes in pf: Packet Filtering" (06/26/2003). This time we'll look at packet filtering rules, which kick in after packets have been scrubbed and (optionally) redirected to another IP address or port with NAT rules. "

Jacek's steady stream of articles is really building into quite the plethora of useful data. Keep it up!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    It's worth noting that this article refers to OpenBSD 3.2 and as such _some_ parts of the article are no longer true when using OpenBSD 3.3 or later.

    Thanks for a good article, Jacek :-)

  2. By Jacek Artymiak () on

    I will keep on writing about the packet filter for another couple of installments of this series. Then I will switch to other OpenBSD security subjects that many of you are asking me about.

    But I will not be abandoning PF and will soon be publishing a book on OpenBSD and PF .


  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Modulate state part of the article describes
    modulate state for incomming tcp packets.
    I wonder if it make any sense, because it make
    sense only for outgoing packets for me.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      ISNs are generated by both sides , regardless of which one initiated the connection. So, if you want to modulate the sequence numbers of your machines, you need to apply "modulate state" to every connection.

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