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Contributed by jose on from the help-me-secure-my-IP dept.

Sehsa writes: "I have an OpenBSD Firewall/NAT box & an OpenBSD Workstation.

I have IPsec working between the 2 the of them. If I ping the firewall, it's encrypted. If I ping the workstation, it's encrypted.

But when I ping an address on the web, it's normal.

I know than I probably have to change the isakmpd.conf on the workstation but I don't know what to set it too.

Can someone post a sample isakmpd.conf file I can check. Any help would be most appreciated :)

This is the 1st time I have asked for help since I usually figure things out in time.

Thanks again..."

The ISAKMPD configuration can be a bit tricky. Anyone have any notes they wish to share?

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    (IPsec between

    1. setup ip address and policy (aka. SPD, flow):

    # cat hostname.fxp1
    !ipsecadm flush
    !ipsecadm flow -addr -src -dst -proto esp -out -require
    !ipsecadm flow -addr -src -dst -proto esp -in -require

    2. enable isakmpd (-L for debug in /var/run/isakmpd.pcap):

    # grep isakmpd_flags rc.conf

    3. setup allow-all policy file:

    # cat isakmpd/isakmpd.policy
    Authorizer: "POLICY"
    # chmod 600 isakmpd/isakmpd.policy

    4. generate key for IKE authentication

    # openssl genrsa -out isakmpd/private/local.key 1024
    # chmod 600 isakmpd/private/local.key

    5. extract public key:

    # openssl rsa -out /var/tmp/ -in isakmpd/private/local.key -pubout
    # scp /var/tmp/ peer:...

    6. install public key of peers:

    # cp /var/tmp/ isakmpd/pubkeys/ipv4/

    # cat isakmpd/pubkeys/ipv4/
    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

    no need for an isakmpd.conf file

    7. ping peer

    # ping

  2. By Sesha () on

    Thanks for posting my message - Jose?

    It's probably something simple that I am not seeing right in front of me :)

    To the person who posted the 1st reply:
    how would I setup ISAKMPD.CONF to get to the Internet from my workstation.
    I can't set a fixed ip or subnet since it's the Internet but I do thank you for your response.

    I will figure it out someday (hopefully today :)

    thanks again!


  3. By Jeffrey () on

    BTW, I'm not doing ISAKMP right now .. just manual keying. Everything works fine (wireless). I'm just curious about something I noticed...

    I tried switching the encryption algorithm from blf to aes the other day (just for fun) and noticed that when using aes, packets would fragment; it looked like the fragments were not being handled by enc0 but were going directly to the network interface (rl0 in this case).

    I have the MTU set to 1444 for rl0 (only on one machine though). Other machines are using 1500. Does aes encryption require a different MTU..?

    Can anyone give MTU recommendations for interfaces which are intended to handle IPsec traffic? I know there must be something I can read to help with this, but I've yet to find it.

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