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New dhclient Snapshot

Contributed by jose on from the fixing-up-your-cable-modem dept.

Recently several people began noticing that some broadband DHCP systems were failing to properly set all of the values needed in the system to have it network properly. This, coupled to how confusing the script was for some people to read and debug, led to it being rewritten. This new dhclicnet script now appears in the new snapshots.

Subject: dhclient
From: Theo de Raadt

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 00:32:15 -0600

The new snapshots contain a dhclient-script rewritten by krw@.  I would
advise anyone who uses dhcp a lot and who can spend a bit of effort
helping us improve this, to check out the new snapshots a give him

If you have been having these problems and use snapshots, now's a perfect time to test and report on your successes or failures with this new script.

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  1. By anders () on

    haven't tried the new script yet, but I'm glad someone did a rewrite: I was having lots of problems with dhclient on 3.2 with my cable connection (adelphia, in Davidson, NC). The system could get a lease and set everything up quite nicely, but it would not be renewed properly upon expiration and the connection would silently die. Linux dhcpcd worked fine on the same hardware.

    Since I didn't really want to run linux, I ended up just running a cron job in openbsd to forcibly demand a new lease a few minutes before the old one was set to expire. Silliness, yes, but its been working fine for 7 months now, so I'm happy.

    If I get around to trying the new dhclient script, I'll post my findings.

  2. By S. Ramazani () on

    For the last months, I've been reading tutorials on how to set up an OpenBSD firewall. So far, this DHCP issue has never been raised. Does it occur with some specific ISPs or is it the script itself that's problematic ?

  3. By hans () on

    I've been running dual dhcp'ed ISP's through an OBSD box for some time now, and as a result have had to run customized dhclient-scripts on that box. This new script has been beautifully redone; exactly what a shell script should look like.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    dhclient-script works fine when abitrarily applied to an i386 3.1 box. Cable connection provider is Rogers Communications.

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