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Safe String and XXL Libraries

Contributed by jose on from the safe-libraries dept.

The guys have released a new version of their safe string library and a new library for secure C coding, XXL. In the announcement , the libraries are briefly described. I had a good look a the safestr library, but I haven't yet seen (or tried) the XXL library. However, if you're interested in improving your C code security, check these out.

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  1. By Matt Messier () on

    A new release of SafeStr will be made by the end of the week. The new release will be 0.9.6, and it contains a number of new convenience functions, a complete rewrite of the printf-style formatting functions, and of course bug fixes as well. Additionally, the new release of SafeStr will have XXL bundled along with it so that you don't need to do two downloads, builds, and installs.

    If all goes well, the new release will be made by the end of the day today (at this point we're just working on updating the documentation), but it will certainly be no later than Friday. Watch for the release. I'll also come back and announce it here when it's been released.

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