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Replacing WEP with IPsec on OpenBSD, Windows XP

Contributed by jose on from the improving-wireless dept. writes: "WEP has been proven insecure and is thus inadequate for protecting a wireless network from eavesdropping or abuse. IPsec can be used as a replacement to WEP in the following scenarios . Joshua Stein has implemented IPsec on OpenBSD with manual keying between a router and a client as a replacement. Also, Thomas Walpuski describes in detail the configuration of an IPsec Host-to-Host connection between OpenBSD and Windows XP Professional with Authentication via X.509v3 Certificates." Thanks for the notes, these will come in handy!

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  1. By Saad Kadhi () saad at docisland dot org on mailto:saad at docisland dot org

    There have been quite numerous articles about using IPSec to replace WEP for providing secure communications in a wireless network. However, the industry is working on solutions based on the 802.1x spec.

    Has anyone field-tested such solutions and their security? Would one still need IPSec in this context?

  2. By opti () on

    We have put up a paper in german for quite a while now on

    It will implement x509v3 certauth for all sorts of clients ( linux, macos, windows, openbsd )
    with examples and conf.files


  3. By S Harney () on

    I've been doing this for a while. I wrote up a document on
    the subject. I'm connecting Linux FreeSWAN on a laptop to a wireless AP implemented on OBSD.


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