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Contributed by jose on from the use-built-sources dept.

SolarfluX writes: "I've created a virtual repository that is completely dedicated to PF. The site has links to the most popular articles and tutorials, as well as lots of sample configs and outputs. There's also info on ALTQ and other tools to use with PF.

We're always looking for more examples that utilize the latest features. It offers various tips and eventually we'll be putting out our own tutorials. The site is easily navigable and textbrowser-friendly by design.

Visit #pf on to find out how to submit anything pf-related to the repository. " This kind of reminds me of the PF Wiki story we ran a short while ago. I'm all in favor of supporting user built communities like this. There's already a decent list of settings for PF rules.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    thanks for the contribution.

    1. By SFNative () on

      Temporary, no doubt. I used it yesterday. Pretty handy.

    2. By djm () on

      don't you mean WikiWikiDead?

    3. By Stoyan Zhekov () on

      Pronym ( decided to stop their free dns service. But the wiki is still available on URL

  3. By pb@ () on


    great to have a "central" lookup for examples.
    Thanks for the work.

    Might check it deeper "one day soon" to see what
    could be added to /usr/share/pf .. (or if someone
    has something 'really cool' which should go there)..

    // double-p / pb@

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