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NTFS support added

Contributed by jose on from the read-only dept.

bsd writes: " (commit message)
tedu@:  "by popular request, NTFS support.  read only.
The code comes from NetBSD and was ported by Julian Bordet.
ok deraadt@"
This is pretty great. While it's read-only, this will be useful for transferring files from NTFS volumes and partitions. Thanks Ted and Julian.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Whopee! Now I can dual boot the best OS in the world with the (lesse here... dos, win3.1, win95, win98, winme, winxp, making win2k the) 6th worst!

    1. By tedu () on

      rating win2k worse than winme is a major mistake.

      1. By KryptoBSD () on

        "dos, win3.1, win95, win98, winme, winxp, making win2k the) 6th worst!"

        If win2k is the 6th worst, wouldn't that make it better then winme? 1st worst being the.. most, worst... And didn't he list 7 (tho why DOS is with gooey microsoft is beyond me anyways)

        Who knows, and more so, who cares ;)

        Good job ted.


        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          True. And not to put this into the void of win** issues on an OBSD forum, but some people have a heck of a time with Win2k, esp. with consumer peripherals. So WinME turns out to be better for them.

          But those folks are probably never going to read this post anyways....and probably for the better that they don't.

      2. By Anonymous Coward () on

        *shrug* I used a WinME box here for testing Win32 installers and testing legacy C code against. I have no complaints. It boots fast, is generally spunky on marginal hardware and is geared toward the GUI applications user. It never crashed once, even when fooling about with device drivers.

        I'm sure it would suffer from bit-rot like all Windows installs, but I had no problem with the OS itself, even when throwing random DLLs and adding/removing applications several (hundred) times a day. I suppose it suffers from the same Windows annoyances that all Microsoft's releases share -- most of these have become so transparent to me that I barely notice them now.

        Sure, it's our mom's OS (unless your mom is an OBSD hacker) but that is what it was designed to be.

        Roll me in flame bait and toss me to the trolls, but I'd sooner use WinME or (now) WinXP as a desktop over OpenBSD or some other X11-powered interface.

        Don't get me wrong: I love my OBSD router/edge box protecting my internal network. It's just all the machines that have a monitor attached to them are Macs. I got X11 there, too, if I want it.

        1. By Nate () on

          At work I use a 3.3 OpenBSD desktop. My only issues are Opera's crashing at times (which it did even more of on Windows 2000) and that my gqmpeg can't manage to play my vorbis .oggs.

          Mind you, I work at a place where I need only a terminal, a messenger client and a browser.

    2. By krh () on

      I always liked DOS more than Windows. Not that it worked well, but it was so simple that it was easy to figure out what was going on, at least from the OS's perspective. MS Windows often goes out of its way to avoid telling you what's happening, and I hate that.

      1. By Ben () on

        DOS was basicly a bootloader which made is a perfect 'OS'. =) Just too bad it had that nasty memory restriction which required massive hacks to build big games.

        1. By Dan () on

          That's bootloader with filesystem support. That's the perfect OS.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Whopee! Now I can dual boot the best OS in the world with the (lesse here... dos, win3.1, win95, win98, winme, winxp, makes win2k the...) 6th worst!

  3. By Darren () on

    This is fantastic news! Makes life much easier for us all!

    Well done Julian.



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