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Contributed by jose on from the small-spaces dept.

anonymous writes: ""NSH is intended to handle configuration for interfaces, bridging, routing, packet filtering, NAT, and ISAKMP. It presents the user with a vaguely cisco-like interface. It also gives the user access to system information and diagnostics. NSH replaces the userland commands which handle these functions, and talks directly to the OpenBSD kernel (with exceptions for pfctl, isakmpd, and dhcpd)."

URL: " I've been using nsh on a small embedded OpenBSD router I have and have been quite pleased with it. It's got a lot of functionality and fits in small spaces (ie my 4.7 MB BSD router). It needs a few more features, but if you're building an OpenBSD router, this is something to consider.

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  1. By Ron Rosson () on

    You could have added a shameless plug for opensoekris. ;-)

    1. By matthew () on

      Chris's original flashdist scripts have proven much more reliable, useful, and versatile to me than the opensoekris adaptations.

      So, call this a shameless -- no, a proud -- plug for flashdist. Thanks, Chris.

  2. By Chris Cappuccio () on

    What features to you think are lacking? I haven't gotten much feedback regarding NSH. I have listed my intentions in the TODO file, but I'm curious what other people think about NSH and what needs to be done.

    1. By Trevor Benson () on

      What is the current state? Has much of the iproute2 functionality made it into nsh? quaga or zebra?

  3. By poppi_smurf () on

    well i would just be satisfied with the small 4.7mb bsd image... :) seems they are hard to come by unless you build your own..

  4. By Jedi/Sector One () on

    What I would *love* to see on BSD systems is the "ip" command from iproute2.

    Configuring the network with "ifconfig" and "route" is a mess, and there are things I've never figured out (ex: how to select source addresses ?) . The "ip" syntax is way more logical, and everything related to IP routing/addressing can be done the same way, from the same command.

    1. By roadr () on

      It would be much more nice to enhance those two commands... If there are two standard commands to handle these things, why should we add a third one?...

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