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More Secure Programming Techniques

Contributed by jose on from the better-coding dept.

O'ReillyNet is back with more excerpts from their new edition of Practical UNIX and Internet Security . These excerpts vary in quality but usually give good food for thought. The first is Tips on Writing Network Programs . Some of these are things that have been problems for several popular network programs and deamons, but others are just good tips to keep in mind. The second article (3rd in the series) is Tips on Writing SUID/SGID Programs , and how to keep that privilege your program uses from getting out of control. The third is Tips on Using Passwords , the most common way to authenticate users. Each of these pieces are valuable for newer programmers to learn and more experienced programmers to keep in mind as they read source and audit programs (their own and others'). Some more code examples would have been nice, but overall it's worth a look.

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